Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara revealed many new things about his conversations with President Donald Trump in his interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. But when Trump tweeted his chances at impeachment went down to nothing, Bharara went straight to mockery.

Quoting Geraldo Rivera, Trump retweeted a video of the Fox News commentator saying, Trump's "chances of impeachment went from 3 percent to 0 percent with Comey's testimony."

"If I drank each time a knee-jerk partisan called me 'disgruntled' in a tweet today, would I be drunk enough to RT Geraldo Rivera? Prolly not," Bharara replied.

Sunday, he said that the relationship Trump attempted to make with him was inappropriate.

“When I’ve been reading the stories of how the president has been contacting Jim Comey over time, felt a little bit like déjà vu,” Bharara said Sunday to Stephanopoulos. “I was in discussions with my own folks, and in reporting the phone call to the chief of staff to the attorney general, I said it appeared to be that he was trying to cultivate some kind of relationship."

He went on to call Trump's outreach "a very weird and peculiar thing."