Florida college board member blames female graduates making less than men on 'genetics'
Florida State University system board member Ed Morton (via board website.)

According to Politico, a Florida state college board member believes the cause of female Floridian graduates earning less than their male counterparts is "genetic."

Florida State University system board member Ed Morton said in a Tuesday meeting that he is interested in teaching female Florida graduates salary negotiating skills because they may be biologically predisposed towards lower salaries.

"Something that we’re doing in Naples [with] some of our high school students, we’re actually talking about incorporating negotiating and negotiating skill into curriculum so that the women are given — maybe some of it is genetic, I don’t know, I’m not smart enough to know the difference — but I do know that negotiating skills can be something that can be honed, and they can improve," Morton said at the meeting.

"Perhaps we can address that in all of our various curriculums through the introduction of negotiating skill, and maybe that would have a bearing on these things," he concluded.