Fox News host Eric Bolling suggested “it may be time for a preemptive strike” on North Korea, asking his fellow panelists on “The Specialists” if they’re “willing to risk Los Angeles” to a nuclear DPRK.

Bolling suggested that any “threat” of military action on the Korean peninsula will prompt China to take action for fear that millions of refugees will cripple the Chinese economy.

“No one else is going to help them out,” Bolling offered, adding the incentive will be even greater if South Korea builds a “freaking wall” so all North Korean refugees are forced to flee to China.

“That may change their mind a little,” polling said.

The Fox News host later said the United States should consider an attack on the DPRK.

“Thirty minutes is the lead time between firing that missile in North Korea and Los Angeles,” Bolling said. “Are you willing to risk Los Angeles?”

“It may be time for a preemptive strike,” he added.

After some pushback from his co-hosts, Bolling went all-in on his suggestion to attack North Korea.

“You wait until a missile is on its way to Los Angeles and hope the missile interceptor works?” Bolling asked. “And if it doesn’t, you sacrifice Los Angeles? You say, ‘We waited. We shouldn’t have waited.'”

“What are they going to do?” Bolling continued. “Fight back?”

Watch the video below, via Fox News: