Fox's Chris Wallace and Shep Smith marvel that White House reps are ignorant of Trump's climate views
Shep Smith and Chris Wallace (Photo: Screen capture)

Fox News' Chris Wallace and Shep Smith were both confused why no one in President Donald Trump's cabinet or White House seems to know what the official position is on climate change.

For years, Republicans have denied the existence of climate change while various branches of the government from the military down to local municipal governments have been preparing for the inevitable.

"Do we know his position on this matter," Smith asked.

"No," Wallace replied flatly. "And it's kind of astonishing. The EPA administrator, the man in charge of the environment for President Trump and he says 'I don't know what he thinks.' You have the White House press secretary, 'I don't know what he thinks.' Interestingly enough, and this seems to be the avenue to follow up with Scott Pruitt... he did say that they would continue to reduce carbon emissions just not to the Paris Climate Accord."

Wallace went on to explain that the only reason the White House would want to reduce carbon admissions would be because they believe it is causing global climate change.

Smith recalled Trump's economic reasoning behind the Accord and wondered if Pruitt or the White House had any further information with facts and figures because economists and experts dispute the claims that the Paris Accord would be an economic disaster.

Wallace cited some studies that have indicated that by 2040 there might be a loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector. However, Wallace noted that those numbers don't take into account the increase in jobs in the green energy sector.

Watch the full discussion below: