Harvard rescinds offers to 10 incoming students after discovering racist posts in secret Facebook group
Co-opted image of Pepe the frog -- originally created by cartoonist Matt Furie

Harvard has rescinded offers to at least ten prospective students after discovering they posted racist and sexist messages in a private Facebook group last year.

The Harvard Crimson reports that the school discovered a private Facebook group called "Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens" where several students were found to be posting memes that made jokes about "sexual assault, the Holocaust, and the deaths of children." Some students also "joked" about being sexually aroused by seeing children get abused, while others posted memes about hanging Mexicans.

The university revoked offers to the students in mid-April and has not reversed any of its decisions.

Incoming Harvard freshman Jessica Zhang tells the Crimson that she believed the school was justified in rescinding its offers, as the memes posted by the students were simply beyond the pale.

"I respect the decision of the admissions officers to rescind the offers because those actions really spoke about the students’ true characters," she said. "I do not know how those offensive images could be defended."