He won't 'act like an adult': CNN's Ana Navarro explains why the GOP should abandon Trump
Ana Navarro on CNN's Don Lemon (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategist Ana Navarro urged her fellow CNN panelists, indeed all Americans, to give up on the idea that President Donald Trump is ever going to behave like a world leader. Instead, all Americans will see is the drama as if it was some sort of fake "reality show."

"We see this all the time in the Trump White House," she explained. "The level of intrigue and melodrama that goes in there. 'House of Cards' pales in comparison. One day we hear some folks are about to get fired, the next week they're on top again. It happens all the time and the Kushner clan has a funny way of disappearing when the votes and issues are controversial. They were skiing during the health care debate. They are celebrating the holiday, with Orthodox Jewish folks today. You know it's a funny coincidence on the timing."

She then cautioned against those who frequently urge critics "give Trump a chance."

"I think that's less important than the meat of this issue and I think Americans today have got to realize that we can't depend on this president to act like a globalist, like an adult, like so many of us wish he would, and that we have to take it upon ourselves," she closed.

Watch the full discussion below:

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