'He's a sucker for crackpot theories': Paul Begala nails Donald Trump as 'nuts'
Paul Begala (Photo: Screen capture)

Guests on Anderson Cooper 360 resorted to asking the audience to google facts after tenuous claims by a supporter of Donald Trump.

Stephen Moore was the senior economic advisor to the Trump campaign. When Moore attempted to brand the Paris Agreement as requiring a shift towards more expensive energy, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm called upon audience members to fact check the claim.

"Solar is less expensive. Google it! Google it! solar and wind is less expensive than coal," Granholm corrected.

As the guests debated why President Trump would withdraw from the Paris Agreement, guest Paul Begala suggested that President Trump's mental fitness played a role in the decision.

"He’s a sucker for crackpot theories," Begala suggested. "This is a man who believes exercise shortens your life, he believes that!"

Begala suggested the President's climate change denial is a worrying sign.

"He's nuts and he has seized on to this crackpot fringe theory that somehow global warming is a hoax," Begala concluded.

Watch below:

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