'I assume because they finally watched themselves': Colbert explains why Fox dropped slogan
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture)

Comedian Stephen Colbert found it tragic when Fox News announced this week that it will be changing their "Fair and Balanced" slogan.

"I assume because they finally watched themselves," Colbert joked on Thursday's "Late Show."

He went on to come up with a few of the other Fox News slogans he claimed that the network was considering: "CNN for your crazy uncle," "Thanks for watching Mr. President" and "You'd be prettier if you smiled more."

Colbert also remarked that they missed the news last night that special counsel Robert Mueller was investigating Trump for obstruction of justice. He explained that the show tapes earlier and they had just finished taping when the news broke.

"Well, it looks like Trump is going to have to change that hat to 'Make Justice Obstructed Again,'" Colbert joked. He noted that Mueller is not kidding around about the investigation and has hired what is being called an "all-star legal team."

"Yeah! Mueller is like Batman putting together The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman to create The Obstruction of Justice League," Colbert said, showing off his faux movie cover.

Colbert reported that Mueller has hired at least three people who have donated to Democrats in the past and that he should be hiring people with no political connections. One Trump supporter even said that Mueller "has to have a staff of virgins."

"Which is what Trump originally wanted and how he ended up with Reince Priebus.” Colbert joked.

Watch the full stand-up below:

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