ICE set to deport Iraqi Christian -- even though sending him back could be a death sentence
(AFP Photo/Ron Rogers)

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is facing fresh criticism after detaining an Iraqi Christian man in Michigan who now faces deportation back to a country that could endanger his life.

CNN reports that ICE arrested 47-year-old Moayad Barash, a Catholic man who has lived in the United States for decades after immigrating from Iraq. ICE picked Barash up and cited his past conviction for possession of marijuana that occurred decades ago.

"He did something wrong 30 years ago," his 18-year-old daughter Cynthia Barash told CNN. "He didn't do anything today, yesterday, a year ago."

Barash also pointed to the recent persecutions of Christians in Iraq to argue that sending him back would endanger his life.

"My dad is Christian and Donald Trump is sending him back to a place that is not safe whatsover," she said.

CNN notes that the Minority Humanitarian Foundation, a group that was founded to aid victims of ISIS three years ago, is suing the government to halt the deportation of Barash and what it estimates are dozens of other Iraqi Christians who have been detained by ICE.

"Some have issues with probation or green cards, but most are here legally," foundation president Mark Arabo told CNN. "Families are being broken up, none of them are threats to society. They are mostly men."