'Is this how a smart person behaves?': Conservative columnist rips Trump as 'too stupid to be president'
President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

In a new Foreign Policy column, conservative columnist Max Boot claims that President Donald Trump may not be intelligent enough to hold office.

"The evidence continues to mount that he is far from smart," Boot wrote. "So far, in fact, that he may not be capable of carrying out his duties as president."

Boot argues that there are a number of indicators for the president's low IQ: he believes he made up the phrase "priming the pump," he doesn't know Israel is in the Middle East and he requires "dumbed down" security briefings.

The icing on the cake, according to Boot, is that the president thought firing former FBI Director James Comey would somehow "exonerate" him of the pressure the bureau put on him over his relationship to Russia.

"How could Trump fire Comey knowing that the FBI director could then testify about the improper requests Trump had made to exonerate himself and drop the investigation of Flynn? And in case there was any doubt about Trump’s intent, he dispelled it by acknowledging on TV that he had the 'Russia thing' in mind when firing the FBI director," Boot wrote. "That’s tantamount to admitting obstruction of justice."

"Is this how a smart person behaves?" he continued. "If Trump decides to fire the widely respected special counsel Robert Mueller, he will only be compounding this stupidity."

"Trump supporters used to claim that sage advisors could make up for his shortcomings," Boot wrote. "But he is proving too willful and erratic to be steered by those around him who know better."

Blasting Trump's inability to "learn on the job," Boot concluded that "nearly five months in office, Trump has given no indication that he possesses the mental capacity to be president."

Read Boot's entire takedown of the president's seeming lack intelligence via Foreign Policy and Yahoo News.