John Oliver mocks GOP's health bill for being more unpopular than Delaware: And 'Delaware sucks'
John Oliver talks about the ACHA, less popular than Delaware (Screen capture)

On Sunday's edition of "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver slammed Republicans for trying to rework the House's American Healthcare Act behind closed doors and away from public oversight.

"What if a telephone booth ad for a lawyer was a healthcare plan?" Oliver asked before remarking that the bill has an unusual critic, President Donald Trump, who asserted to Republican leadership that the House bill is "mean."

"And then he presumably folded his arms and stamped on the ground, screamed until he tuckered himself out and fell asleep right there on the floor," Oliver said. "Knock it off, big guy."

That criticism, he said, is "a little hard to hear" after the GOP's Rose Garden beer bash celebrating the passage of the bill from the House to the Senate.

That celebration may have been a bit premature, however, because "this bill is incredibly unpopular," Oliver said. "One analysis found it doesn't enjoy a plurality of support in any state in the country."

Getting all 50 states to agree on something, he said, is impossible. Only 49 of them will freely admit that "Delaware sucks. And the holdout, by the way, Minnesota. They're just too nice to admit the obvious."

Watch the video, embedded below: