Reacting to President Donald Trump's admission that he did not record his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday, an MSNBC panel discussed how difficult it is to defend a president who keeps undermining his own defenses.

Per Mediaite, panel guest Elise Jordan said that Republicans tasked with defending Trump on news shows have an impossible task because he keeps issuing statements that contradict official White House talking points.

"He wasted the country's collective time speculating with whether these tapes existed or not," she said. "My advice would be, to Republicans who do cozy up to him, it's just like hugging a suicide bomber. He blows you up in the process with him."

Host Craig Melvin pointed out that this analogy seemed a "little strong," but Jordan stuck to her guns.

"If you're a Republican who went out on a limb and defended Donald Trump over saying, 'Well, he's got tapes that'll back up his point of view,' you just got blown up too," she said.

Watch the video below.