LISTEN: Greg Gianforte stonewalls AP 9 times on campaign lies about assault
Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte pleaded guilty to assault in Gallatin County Criminal Court. (Photo: Bob Brigham for Raw Story)

In a shocking display of arrogance by a congressman-elect convicted of assault on a reporter, Greg Gianforte (R-MT) stonewalled the Associated Press nine times Friday on the ongoing issue about his campaign's lies to law enforcement investigators and voters about the assault.

"Gianforte refused to answer questions about the attack and why his campaign initially released a statement painting Jacobs as the instigator, which contradicted witness accounts, Gianforte’s own apology letter and the criminal charge to which he eventually pleaded guilty," reported AP correspondent Matt Volz. "Instead, he repeated nine times over the course of Friday’s half-hour interview that he had taken responsibility and wanted to move on."

The best explanation of the lies for which Gianforte refuses to take responsibility came from the convicted's local newspaper, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

"Essentially, Gianforte’s campaign took the stance that the allegations of the “liberal journalist” couldn’t be believed. It’s all 'fake news,' don’t you know," the Chronicle explained. "This might have remained the storyline except for an audiotape of the incident and the eyewitness accounts from a Fox News team that clearly contradict the version offered by Gianforte’s campaign, accounts that investigators and prosecutors believed when they charged Gianforte with misdemeanor assault later that same night."

The A.P. also reported Friday on Gianforte's ongoing request for special treatment from the same local law enforcement his campaign mislead.

"Gianforte is fighting a judge’s order that he submit to being booked and photographed like other defendants, which would produce a mug shot ripe for use by political opponents," the A.P. noted. "Asked about that Friday, Gianforte declined to comment."

Listen to audio of Greg Gianforte repeatedly stonewalling the Associated Press: