Colbert lambastes president's son for 'contradicting' his dad: 'That's Trump's job'
Stephen Colbert (Photo: screen capture)

Steven Colbert spent his Monday night monologue praising Donald Trump Jr. for stepping up to contradict his dad.

The popular host of "The Late Show" on CBS has been frequently making news for his no-holds-barred approach to covering the administration of President Donald Trump.

"Name calling is a long time Trump tactic," Colbert began, using his Trump-impression voice to list insults. "Little Marco, Lying Ted, Crooked Hillary, Rudy Guiliani. He should apologize for that one - you can’t call a man that."

Colbert than showed a clip of Trump Junior on Fox News. After showing the footage, Colbert remarked that Donald Trump, Jr, "just completely contradicted everything Donald Trump just said -- usually Donald Trump has to do that."

Colbert talked about how President Trump has been blowing off steam.

"President Trump evidently can't stop crashing parties at his golf clubs, the latest incident was this past Saturday night when Trump dropped in on a wedding reception taking place at his Bedminster, NJ golf club."

"Well, every wedding has a best man, but only a select few get the worst one," Colbert joked to sustained laughter.

Watch the whole clip.