'Make a mistake -- admit it': Shep Smith thinks the White House could learn a thing or two from CNN
Shep Smith (Screenshot)

Fox News' Shepard Smith was shocked at the Tuesday White House press briefing done by Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, who filled in for Sean Spicer. Smith noted that it seems the White House needs a foil to fight back against and that they seem to be using the press as that enemy. Instead, the White House could learn a thing or two about the way in which CNN responded to a recent story that needed correction.

Sanders referenced a recent story that was pulled by CNN because it didn't follow their editorial process and guidelines before it was published. She claimed that the story was false and it was obvious that CNN knew this and that was the reason the story was pulled. That isn't factually accurate. CNN pulled the story because it wasn't properly processed and vetted before publishing.

Wall Street Journal associate editor John Bussey noted that it's as if the White House is trying to build a wall around itself in order to "limit the inquiry." CNN, he said, retracted the story and apologized for it.

"On the website," Smith cut in. "And they said...they said they 'did not go through their procedures. It did not go through standards and practices, and it did not make through editorial checking. Afterward, three people were fired.

"This is what you want to have happen," Bussey noted. "You want a news organization where they got something that she did not go through the process properly. They retracted and made a public statement: 'We made a mistake.'"

Smith said that what CNN did was a perfect example of "how to do it" and an example of "journalism 101."

"You make a mistake, you admit it, and you take action," he continued. "It is an, again, it's made to bring a sense around the White House, limit inquiry. In fact, the CNN example is precisely what should have happened. They did it well. [Anthony ] Scaramucci accepted their apology. They did learn something from the scene and example. When they get something wrong, being forthright, saying we have something wrong."

Bussey noted that Sanders took it to the extreme where "there was an error," therefore, "clearly the entire press is wrong."

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