Meet the right-wing troll who’s bankrolling efforts to shut down anti-Trump protests
Trump as Pepe the Frog

Hours before Laura Loomer took the stage at the New York Theatre version of "Julius Caesar," Canadian activist Ezra Levant purchased the website The far-right founder of the pro-Trump site The Rebel seems ready to stage more disruptions.

Sean Hannity helped promote the video tweeted by right-wing blogger Jack Posobiec and donors poured in to cover Loomer's legal fees, The Daily Beast reported. Posobiec can be heard on the video shouting "You're all Goebbels" at the audience. But that isn't the only campaign Levant has created. He's the proud owner of,,, as well as Canadian political domains that oppose Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and supports the late Rob Ford.

While Levant also purchased the domain before the incident in New York, it isn't clear who "Fletcher" is. It could be Austen Fletcher, contributor to The Rebel, who recently starred in “OUCH: Watch ‘man on the street’ Austen Fletcher ask leftists simple questions.” The Gavin McInnes Show has been promoting Fletcher's appearance at progressive rallies such as the "March Against Sharia" in efforts to make protesters appear as though they can't answer simple questions. Though, he told The Beast that he didn't attend the production on Friday nor did he have anything to do with the website purchases.

“I noticed that too,” Fletcher said about the domain purchases. “No idea who the other Fletcher is. I was not there although the larger bearded guy that crashed it the second night looked like me lol.”

“Whether or not you think the ['Julius Caesar'] disruption was warranted, the fact that the left is now talking about and defending free speech makes the demonstration totally worth it,” said Fletcher.

After Loomer's disruption, she was overheard saying "they're just as bad as ISIS," claiming "they're literally encouraging people to assassinate Donald Trump." The message of the Shakespeare play is actually that political violence is bad and Casar's murder is seen as the very crime his conspirators were trying to prevent.

Posobiec is no longer working for Levant's The Rebel, BuzzFeed reported. He was previously one of the lead conspirators promoting the PizzaGate scandal, for which Alex Jones was forced to apologize for promoting. His latest false conspiracy is a claim that former Secretary Hillary Clinton was involved in the murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Most of the domains purchased with Levant's email are targeting progressives or asking to "save" or "free" right-wing activists, none of which are imprisoned as of yet. One such site is, for right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, who announced recently he would be starting a for-profit trolling operation.

It's unclear if Loomer, Fletcher or Posobiec are a part of Milo's pledge to start a professional trolling operation.