'Meteorologists call that a sh*tstorm': Colbert rips Trump for begging Comey to 'lift the cloud' of Russia probe
Host Stephen Colbert of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" (via screengrab).

Stephen Colbert, host of "The Late Show" devoted much of his monologue to the pre-written senate testimony of fired FBI Director James Comey.

Using his notorious Donald Trump voice, the CBS host discussed the political, paleontological and meteorological details of the multiple federal investigations into potential Trump campaign collusion with the Kremlin.

"Comey first met with Trump on January 6th, to let him know about some so-called 'salacious intelligence,'" Colbert began, before whispering to his audience that referred to, "pee pee tape."

Much of the testimony provided fodder for the veteran comedian.

"He didn't move, he didn't move a muscle. Basically Comey treated Trump like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park," Colbert explained of the awkward silence that followed Trump's demand for loyalty. "It makes sense, they both have the same sized hands."

The most devastating line of all may have been the closer.

"There's a lot of weird stuff in this document," Colbert said. "For example, Trump frequently referred to the scandal as, 'the cloud.'"

"Mr. President, that's not a cloud, meteorologists call that a sh*tstorm."