Comedian and actor John Cleese has been one of the sharpest international critics of President Donald Trump and his administration. Last week he lit up Twitter with a scathing indictment of Trump and American Christian conservatives by joking that they believe the Beatitudes of Christ are "a Chinese hoax."

He expounded upon that theme Sunday in the wake of Saturday's terror strikes in London. Pres. Trump seized upon the opportunity to promote his pro-gun agenda and whine about courts blocking his anti-Muslim travel ban.

Cleese wrote, "Seeing Trump's recent London tweet reminds me of the 9th Beatitude : Blessed are the stupid, for their confidence makes them so easy to spot."

Almost immediately, a pro-Trump Twitter user responded, "You're wrong. He's right."

Cleese responded, "Thank you for explaining it so well. Sorry for my mistake!! Seriously...Re-read what I said. It's about you."

You've got to love a self-owning troll, right?

Watch Cleese's 2014 video on the nature and effects of human stupidity: