'More like a manifesto from the Zodiac Killer': Bill Maher blisters GOP's 'spiteful' Trumpcare bill
Real Time host Bill Maher -- HBO screen grab

HBO host Bill Maher tore into the Senate Republican's proposed replacement for Obamacare on Friday night, saying it resembled less a cure for America's health care crisis and "more like a manifesto from the Zodiac Killer."

'Health care bill?" he exclaimed. "More like a manifesto from the Zodiac Killer. They should have published his by cutting out letters from a newspaper."

'It phases out Medicaid, the safety net for our oldest, poorest and more vulnerable citizens," the 'Real Time' host continued. "It lets states drop the Obamacare protections, like for pre-exisiting conditions. And just for spite, it defends Planned Parenthood. No more gynecological exams, although Trump say he is still available to grab p*ssies."

Noting that the bill gives the top 1 percent a massive tax cut, Mahler, added, "The guiding principle is: 'Rich people, if you like your money, you can keep your money.'"

Watch the video below via HBO: