More than 100,000 American workers have been laid off since Trump promised to save their jobs
President Donald Trump speaks to Carrier workers about saving their jobs (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's biggest theme during the 2016 presidential campaign was saving blue-collar jobs from being shipped overseas.

However, left-wing advocacy group American Bridge has been tracking mass layoffs in the Trump era and has found that so far more than 105,000 American workers have been notified of plant closings or layoffs since his election, including more than 15,000 that have been lost due at least in part to foreign trade.

American Bridge also notes that some of the biggest job losses have come in key swing states such as Ohio (nearly 8,000 notices of layoffs or plant closings since January), Michigan (4,400 notices of layoffs or plant closings since January), and Florida (over 5,200 notices of layoffs or plant closings since January).

Per USA Today, American Bridge calculates its numbers "by analyzing data from state-level Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act websites" in which "covered employers must give 60 days notice to workers in advance of plant closings and mass layoffs."

Although the unemployment rate at the moment is only 4.3%, the economy over the last month generated just 138,000 net new jobs, versus the consensus estimate of 180,000. Additionally, average hourly earnings rose at just 0.2%, which indicates that gains made in wage growth have crawled to a halt.