'Obsessed with Obama much?': Watch Joy Reid ridicule Trump's popularity tweet -- then burn it to the ground
MSNBC host Joy Reid -- screenshot

MSNBC host Joy Reid took a snarky shot at Donald Trump's early morning tweet hyping his approval numbers from a conservative pollster, saying the president is obsessed with how much more popular ex-President Barack Obama is than himself.

"Trump also tweeted about his poll numbers this morning, citing a new poll that puts his approval rating at 50 percent and saying that's higher than O's numbers," the AM Joy host said before adding, "Obsessed with President Obama much?"

Reid then shared a graphic showing that Trump's approval numbers in other polls sit way below the 50 percent cited by Rasmussen polling.

"See if you can spot the outlier," she said with a smirk.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: