'Oh, of course there is!': The View smacks down co-host insisting there's no evidence Trump obstructed justice
The View

The women of “The View” on Friday shut down co-host Jedidiah Bila after she tried to argue James Comey’s testimony provided no evidence Donald Trump tried to shut down the investigation into Russia.

“Donald trump must really hate this guy James Comey,” Joy Behar began. “Not only did Comey sing like a canary but he also is now more famous than Trump, which really ticks him off”

“Is he a rat or a whistleblower?” Behar asked.

“I think it’s awful,” Bila replied, insisting Comey “is basically telling you as head of the FBI he had an agenda."

“He was a private citizen after being fired by the president,” Sunny Hostin noted.

“You decided you wanted a special counsel so you were going to send these memos off to your friends and you were going to have them leaked,” Bila replied, later adding, “James Comey makes me mad.”

Asked to explain why he makes her mad, Bila replied:

“He makes me mad because he’s sitting there all those months—if you thought there was obstruction of justice, if you thought Trump was saying things to you that were inappropriate, if you thought he was obstructing potentially, this investigation into Michael Flynn, why did you keep your mouth shut.”

“Resign,” she concluded.

“I think James Comey is a patriot,” Hostin interjected. “What started out as an investigation into Russian collusion with perhaps the campaign is now an investigation into the president’s illegal, illegal obstruction of justice.”

“I have a real problem with him,” Bila responded. “The big issue—there’s no implication of collusion with Russia,”

“We know that,” Behar replied.

“There’s no implication that Donald Trump tried to shut this investigation down,” Bila continued.

“Oh, of course there is!” Hostin shot back.

Watch the exchange below, via ABC: