On Wednesday, reporters on Washington, D.C.'s Capitol Hill noticed something odd -- some very young men hauling around a painted portrait of President Donald Trump. Soon after, BuzzFeedNational Journal and Wall Street Journal reporters took on "the case of the mysterious Trump portraits on the Hill."

The first person to alert the Internet to the large Trump portrait being toted around the Hill was Wall Street Journal reporter Richard Rubin, who snapped a pic of the portrait and it's incredibly young bearers. He followed the photo up by saying that the portrait "wasn't commissioned," and that the then-anonymous artist had

"contacted Rep. Mike Kelly. Guys carrying it say it (and companion Melania painting) going to VP office."

A few hours later, another portrait bearing a similar style was spotted -- this time of First Lady Melania Trump. National Journal reporter Casey J. Wooten found that one, and soon, the story got deeper.

With no indication of where the portrait was headed, the enterprising Villa tracked down the portrait's rightful home -- and soon after, got some shade from another of the journalists who helped solve the "mystery."

The artist was soon identified as Barry L. Wingard, a constituent of Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) who told BuzzFeed he painted them of his own volition because he thinks Trump "deserves respect."