Republicans are already placing their bets on who Pence will pick as his VP after Trump: report
VP Mike Pence and Speaker Paul Ryan (Photo: Paul Ryan

According to an Axios report, the latest Republican "parlor game" focuses on who current Vice President Mike Pence would choose as his own VP should President Donald Trump be impeached.

Played in "the shadows of the Russia investigation," this VP speculation game focuses on the desired "effect" each speculative vice president would have on the country.

The choice of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan or Nikki Haley would result in a "return to normalcy," while Bob Gates or John Boehner would help ease the "anxiety" created by Trump.

Picking Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg, Axios noted, would "calm the country" by assuring them there would be no Trump-era status quo in the White House, whereas someone like Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani or Newt Gingrich would "keep the spirit of America First Trumpism alive."