Republicans secretly appealing to Mitt Romney to save them from Trump: report
Mitt Romney (AFP)

According to a new Politico report, former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney is being groomed as the new face of the Republican party by members upset with President Donald Trump.

According to former Romney adviser Spencer Zwick, the former GOP nominee has been "inundated with appeals from Republican candidates" to help them on their campaigns.

“All I can tell you is that the number of requests that Mitt has gotten in the last month to come to a district or to come to a state for a sitting senator — it’s like he’s a presidential candidate again, which I was surprised by,” Zwick told Politico. “There are only so many people in the party that can headline these things.”

Despite being considered for secretary of state by Trump, Romney has been a longtime opponent of the president's, and has reportedly returned to critiquing him in his appearances campaigning for other candidates.

According to his former adviser Lahnee Chen, Romney could provide "a fuller picture of what Republican governance might look like," and his return to the public eye may be critical for a party that is reportedly more divided than ever over the president they elected.

“My hope is that he takes an active role, certainly as we move toward 2018, because I think it’s going to be a very important cycle for Republicans, and I think he still has a very unique voice and it’s a voice that I do think is desperately needed in a lot of ways,” Chen told Politico.

Speculation about Romney's newfound public presence was stirred further this weekend by former Vice President Joe Biden when the Delaware Democrat encouraged Romney to run for senate at the E2 Summit on American leadership.