After the latest Democratic losses in special elections, Fox & Friends invited conservative pundit Bill Bennett to gloat about the party's misfortunes.

Specifically, Bennett slammed the Democrats for having no substantive message other than just being the party that isn't President Donald Trump.

"The Democrat agenda is, 'Resist Trump, fight Trump, take Trump down,'" he said.

"But doesn't that get so old?" asked Fox host Ainsley Earhardt. "It's just so negative."

"A.) It's old, B.) It's negative which doesn't win hearts and minds in America, and C.) It's not an agenda," he said. "I mean, what's the policy here, what are they proposing? You can say [Republicans] have problems with our health care [proposal] but at least they're proposing things."

During former President Barack Obama's first term, Republicans successfully adopted a strategy of obstruction, as the House Republicans didn't give the Democrats a single vote for either health care reform or the stimulus package passed to help the country recover from the Great Recession.

Watch the video below.