Sarah Palin reduced to running right-wing clickbait site where she writes about 'hot' alpha males
Sarah Palin (Facebook)

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor who was once the Republican Party's nominee to be vice president, has transformed her personal website into a shady right-wing clickbait site.

New York Magazine's Olivia Nuzzi reports that is now a conservative content farm that features stories with headlines such as, "Alpha Males… Hot Hot Hot," "Morning After Losing Georgia Election Democrats Receive FAR WORSE News," and "EVIDENCE FOUND! Trump Was Right On Voter Fraud."

Nuzzi explains that this kind of website is highly unusual for former politicians, and notes that the websites for ex-pols ranging from Mitt Romney to Joe Biden to Michele Bachmann all "are there to collect the email addresses of their supporters, information that may one day be harnessed to fundraise for a campaign."

The website's stories are typically aggregated from other conservative outlets such as the Daily Caller and Fox News that promote right-wing viewpoints, although it also features more shameless clickbait such as articles on celebrities who are "jerks in real life" and a drawing of what Nuzzi says "appears to be diseased feet."

Although Palin herself initially wrote some of the stories herself -- including the aforementioned article on "hot" alpha males -- she has since taken a backseat to several 20-something staff writers who have worked at assorted right-wing publications in the past.

"They are appealing to the lowest common denominator of media consumer with no real editorial standards," one person who works in the conservative media industry tells Nuzzi. "My guess is that her team believes that slapping her name on stories like this is an easy way to continue to have people reading her name, while also bringing in some money through programatic ad revenue."