'Someone help me, I've just been stabbed!': London Bridge survivor tells harrowing story of attack
London Bridge attack survivor Andrew Morrison (Screen capture)

On Sunday night, The Guardian published video of one survivor of the London Bridge attack telling his story while holding a bandage to his wounds.

Andrew Morrison of Darwin, Australia was out with friends when he saw what he thought was a bar fight that had spilled into the street.

"All of a sudden a guy comes up with a knife. And I’m like ... ducks it, stabs me there and I just like push him off, blood’s going everywhere,” Morrison said.

He stumbled into a nearby pub and called out, "Someone help me, I've just been stabbed!"

Seven people died in the attack and 48 were reported injured. The three attackers were gunned down by police. Law enforcement officials arrested 12 people on Sunday in connection with the attack.

Watch the video, embedded below: