'Spinal Tap for politics': Morning Joe mocks Trump attorney's 'weird' Fox News appearance
Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough was mystified by Trump attorney Jay Sekulow's appearance Sunday on Fox News, where he insisted the president wasn't under investigation moments after complaining that he was.

"If Rob Reiner were to make a 'This Is Spinal Tap' for politics, it really would look a lot like that," Scarbrough said, referring to the 1984 satirical film about "England's loudest band."

"The weirdest moment is when he's caught, and he does a reset and says, 'I want to make this crystal clear,'" Scarborough added, "and whenever anyone says that, (they mean), 'I want to make this as muddy and confusing as possible.'"

Scarborough pointed out that Sekulow had twice said on Fox News that President Donald Trump was under investigation, and Trump admitted in a tweet that he was under investigation for obstruction of justice.

"I mean this seriously, I wonder who -- and I'll be honest with you, I get this feeling with Bill Clinton so obviously lied -- I wonder who they think is actually believing that they are not lying other than their most hardened base, when Trump says he's being investigated, Jay Sekulow says it twice," Scarborough said, "and then they go, 'Oh, wait, no, no he's not being investigated.'"

New York Times reporter Nick Confessore suggested the White House was "devoted to creating an alternative narrative about this investigation," but Scarborough ripped the strategy's laughably clumsy execution.

"There is an audience for that, and the base is important when you're under fire," Confessore said. "I'm not saying I think it, but that is the point of it."

"But it's on transcript -- it's right there," Scarborough said. "You are entitled to your own opinions, but as Ronald Reagan said, facts are facts. I can't believe somebody at home would be dumb enough go, 'Oh, yeah, even though they are all admitting they are under investigation now, we believe they are not.'"