'This guy is a mess!‘: ‘View’ hosts dumbfounded after Trump once again hurts himself with tweets
The View's Jedediah Bila on 5/15 (via screengrab).

Hosts of The View  were in awe on Tuesday about the ways President Donald Trump keeps undermining his own administration's policies thanks to his inability to stop tweeting.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg started off by noting that Trump on Twitter this week kept referring to his proposed restrictions on travel from some Muslim countries as a "travel ban," despite the fact that his administration has insisted multiple times that his executive order doesn't constitute a ban.

"He's actually imposing on his own legal battle by tweeting," said co-host Sara Haines. "The thing that's frustrating to me is that they need to get on the same page. It would be nice if the administration would have a meeting."

At this point, Goldberg interjected and said that the actual solution in this case would be to have Trump "just shut up," which drew applause from the audience.

Conservative Jebediah Bila pointed out that while there are concerns conservatives can raise about people arriving from certain foreign countries, Trump's insistence on sabotaging himself makes debate about the issue impossible.

"This guy is a mess!" she said. "I'm willing to acknowledge that, he is a total mess. But the President of the United States, no matter who he is, has to be able to look at countries and [review] the vetting process."

Watch the video below.