On Sunday's edition of "The Point with Ari Melber," a group of panelists agreed that over the last week -- including ousted FBI Director James Comey's devastating testimony on Thursday -- that a political sea-change has taken place regarding President Donald Trump and his purportedly lawbreaking administration.

"It was supposed to be 'Infrastructure Week,'" said The Nation's national affairs correspondent Joan Walsh. "It turns out that this was the week that we starting seeing the infrastructure of a move toward impeachment."

While impeachment, she said, is a political decision and may not happen until 2018 or later, "But this is the week that things got weird and we saw what powerful enemies Donald Trump has made."

"Something changed this week, very seriously," she concluded.

New York University's Cristina Beltran said, "I agree with Joan. This is the week that we saw just how deeply dangerous Trump's enemies are. In the past he's been fighting with real estate moguls and beauty pageant contestants and he's been dominating people with a lot less power than he has, but right now the fact of the matter is that Trump is a president who is constitutionally illiterate and he's battling with people who actually understand the rule of law."

She went on to say that the administration's obsession with punishing leakers is wrong-headed. People are leaking, she said, because they're "deeply concerned" about the Trump administration's lawlessness and ignorance.

Watch the video, embedded below: