Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert urge Americans to 'unite under the banner of human' after baseball rampage
"The Daily Show"'s Trevor Noah (left) and "The Late Show"'s Stephen Colbert (right) via screengrab.

During an appearance on The Late ShowThe Daily Show's Trevor Noah told host Stephen Colbert that his biggest takeaway from the Virginia baseball field shooting targeting Republican congresspeople was the initial unified response.

"It was great to see people from both sides seeing this and uniting under the banner of 'human' and 'American' before anything else," Noah said. "That's one of the things that we're seeing less and less of in society today."

He went on to recount a conversation he had with Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), whose friendship with Attorney General Jeff Sessions prior to the AG's testimony on Tuesday wasn't well-known.

The fact that lawmakers who battle on legislative floors can be friends and respect each other outside of politics, Noah said, should be better publicized to avoid politically-motivated shootings like that in Alexandria.

"Like Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi said today," Noah continued, "'We fight tooth and nail but we don't forget that we are people, we are friends, we are families, we are colleagues.'"

Politicians, Noah said, "could do a better job" of telling constituents: "'we fight, you can fight, but don't forget that at your core, you are Americans."

Watch Noah's appearance on The Late Show below via Twitter.