Trump administration already changed its tune about who counts as 'close family' in travel ban enforcement
Protesters chant during a rally against travel ban at San Diego International Airport, on March 6, 2017 (AFP Photo/Sandy Huffaker)

As U.S. attorneys scramble to figure out exactly how to implement President Donald Trump's travel ban now that it's in effect, the "close family" clause that allows people to enter the country if they have relatives here remains a hangup.

According to the Los Angeles Times' Jaweed Kaleem, who wrote a story about the legal debate about the travel ban's definition of "close family," its meaning has already changed once since the order took effect.

"An immigration law professor to me tonight: 'the administration’s definition of family is all over the place,'" Kaleem wrote on Twitter.

"Hours ago, the Trump administration didn't count fiances as 'close' family that could bypass the travel ban. Now it does," he continued.

Read Saleem's entire report on the peculiar wording of the travel ban enforcement via the Los Angeles Times.