Trump administration cuts funding to group fighting neo-Nazis
President Donald Trump and a group of neo-Nazi protesters (composite image)

Life After Hate -- a nonprofit group dedicated to de-radicalizing white nationalist and neo-Nazi extremists and combating the rise of right-wing extremism -- is losing its funding under the Trump administration.

Politico's Playbook Plus reported that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)'s $10 million grant program "Countering Violent Extremism" was stalled but is set to resume on Friday.

Life After Hate was supposed to receive a $400,000 grant in the last days of the Obama administration. That money was delayed as the program was reviewed and assessed.

"But," Politico said, "the Trump administration dropped them from the new grant list that's getting announced today."

The group has had a "twenty-fold increase in calls for help" since Election Day from people trying to "disengage" from neo-Nazism and white supremacy as well as friends and family looking for help for someone they know.

Local police departments in Los Angeles, Denver, Las Vegas and other cities are receiving money to fight right-wing extremism, but Life After Hate is getting nothing, said its founder Christian Picciolini.

DHS offered no comment to Jaffy as to why the program has been defunded.