Trump admits his North Korean plan has been a bust -- but 'at least I know China tried!'
Donald Trump visits Capitol Hill (screen grab)

President Donald Trump on Tuesday acknowledged that his plan to contain North Korea has been a failure -- but he gave the Chinese government credit for at least putting forth a good effort to help him out.

"While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out," the president tweeted. "At least I know China tried!"

Trump's plan at the start of his administration was to rely on the Chinese government to use its leverage over the North Korean government to get it to curtail its testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Despite the fact that Trump had accused the Chinese government of "raping" the United States during the 2016 presidential campaign, he tried to forge warm ties with China to get its help to deter North Korea.

New York Times reporter Alex Burns noted on Twitter that Trump's statement is "incredible" given the rhetoric he through out during the presidential campaign.

"Trump's whole North Korea policy during the campaign was: a strong POTUS could make China fix it fast," Burns observed.