Trump gives Priebus July 4 deadline to 'clean up' the 'mess' in the White House -- or lose his job
RNC chair Reince Priebus speaks to CNN (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump has ordered his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to "clean up" the White House by July 4, according to a Sunday night report from Politico, or lose his job.

Frustrated by the dysfunction and factionalism in his administration, the president reportedly told Priebus -- who, like Press Secretary Sean Spicer, came to the White House from the Republican National Committee (RNC) -- that it is his responsibility to engineer a massive staff shakeup or face termination himself.

Politico's Tara Palmeri wrote that Trump reportedly bawled out Priebus in the Oval Office for allowing the dysfunctional culture in the White House to continue. A source told Politico that former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and deputy campaign manager David Bossie were both on the scene for the dressing down.

Trump has reportedly been contemplating bringing Bossie into the White House as Deputy Chief of Staff and Lewandowski is being considered for a senior adviser position. The president told Priebus that he's reluctant to bring the two campaign veterans into such a "mess."

"I'm giving you until July 4," Trump said, according to witnesses. "I don't want them to come into this mess. If I'm going to clean house, they will come in as fresh blood."

The Trump White House has been riven with conflicts, undermined by leaks and is reportedly a scene of constant "chaos and ineptitude" as competing factions vie for Trump's attention and favor.

Priebus ally Sean Spicer pushed back against the report, saying, "Whoever is saying that is either a liar or out of the loop."

Palmeri said that the July 4 deadline parallel's Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)'s tentative deadline for passage of a Senate version of the House of Representatives' wildly unpopular, hastily-planned American Healthcare Act (ACHA), which is intended to "repeal and replace Obamacare," but which observers say will result in millions of people losing coverage and a spike in the cost of premiums.