Some residents of the village of Briarcliff Manor, New York, are up in arms against a local Trump golf course, which is demanding that their community cut its property taxes in half.

ABC News reports that the Trump organization has filed a legal challenge with Briarcliff Manor to knock $250,000 off the property tax bill for the Trump National Golf Club, Westchester. ABC News notes that the organization's challenge is from residents "who resent having to assume the burden of paying additional taxes to support town services and the local school district."

Ossining town supervisor Dana Levenberg tells ABC that even some Trump supporters have approached him and told him that the town "needs to fight" the Trump Organization's attempt to cut its tax bill in half.

And Gloria Fried, the receiver of taxes for Ossining, tells ABC that "it is very difficult when you see someone who has all these assets at his disposal who would rather pay lawyers to avoid his civic duty of paying taxes."

The Trump Organization is making a case for its big tax break by claiming that the Trump National Golf Club is only worth $7.5 million, which is less than half the $15.1 million the town's assessors claim it is worth.

ABC News notes that "this is the same course, spread over 143 acres in Westchester County, that presidential candidate Donald Trump listed on his publicly-filed financial disclosure report as being worth $50 million in 2016."