Trump presidency is 'a cancer on this nation' that must not be allowed to spread: MSNBC guest
Pres. Donald Trump (Screen capture)

Journalist and radio host Fernand Amandi told an MSNBC panel on Saturday that Donald Trump's presidency is a corrupt "cancer on this nation" that must be stopped before it spreads.

During a discussion of Trump's vague threat of "tapes" of his and Comey's conversation, Mother Jones editor David Corn said that the press corps should be relentless in determining whether Trump was lying about the existence of recordings.

"I think the White House press corps should walk out of the room" until they get an answer, Corn told host Joy Reid.

"Do you think, if you had to guess, that Donald Trump is taping his interactions with people at the White House?" Reid asked Armandi.

"You know, Joy, I think the Nixon analogy is very appropriate," Armandi said, before going on to say that Comey "drew a line in the sand" and said, "America, you're either on the side of the patriots or you're on the side of Team Putin."

He continued that in the White House, "where John Dean first hinted that the Watergate coverup was a cancer on the presidency, Comey's testimony calls Donald Trump a liar, it makes it crystal clear: Donald Trump's presidency is a cancer on this nation and perhaps the only hope from that cancer spreading is the nation's oncologist Special Counsel Robert Mueller."

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