Trump's fire-breathing lawyer wimps out in threat against Comey -- here's why that's no surprise
President Donald Trump and NYC attorney Marc Kasowitz (composite image)

On Wednesday, Bloomberg News said that President Donald Trump's attorney Marc Kasowitz delayed filing his complaint with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) against fired FBI Director James Comey.

This fits a pattern of bellicose but ultimately empty talk from Kasowitz, who has threatened to sue, variously, the New York Times for libel over calling Trump a millionaire instead of a billionaire, all of the women who came forward in the wake of the "Access Hollywood" tape who claimed Trump had touched, kissed or groped them without their permission and all of the media outlets that carried their stories.

None of these parties were ever served with papers.

The lack of follow-through may be for the best given some of the high-profile legal losses Kasowitz has racked up for Trump, including the $25 million settlement to the plaintiffs in the Trump University fraud suit and Kasowitz' unsuccessful $5 billion libel suit against author Timothy O'Brien.

Currently Kasowitz is defending Trump in the Russia investigation and against possible obstruction of justice charges related to firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Critics inside and outside the administration have complained that Kasowitz, a civil lawyer, is completely out of his depth defending Trump in a criminal investigation.

This week, the Senate openly defied the president by postponing the vote on the plan to repeal Obamacare until after the Independence Day holiday, dealing a major blow to an administration starved for tangible achievements.

The president's lack of curiosity about the mechanics of governing and his disdain for the time-honored protocols of Washington are beginning to grate on lawmakers who are trying to maintain support in their home districts.