Tulsa woman get 16 years for mutilating corpse of estranged husband's girlfriend during funeral
Shaynna Lauren Sims was sentenced to 16 years in prison (screengrab)

In a bizarre criminal case that captured attention across Oklahoma and beyond, a Tulsa woman was sentenced to 16 years in prison for corpse mutilation.

District Judge Kelly Greenough upheld a jury's conviction of Shaynna Sims for unlawfully removing a body part from a deceased person, unauthorized dissection, first-degree burglary and concealing stolen property, according to Tulsa World.

Assistant District Attorney Reagan Reininger, "portrayed Sims as being a 'scorned wife' who was 'so eaten up' over claims [the victim] had a relationship with her now-estranged husband that she wanted to get back at her after she died," Tulsa World reported.

Sims cut off the deceased breasts and a toe.

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