CNN host Alisyn Camerota found herself utterly baffled on Wednesday when Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL) told her that the real story about former FBI Director James Comey's testimony involved former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Despite the fact that Comey is widely expected to testify on Thursday about his interactions with President Donald Trump, Rooney insisted that the big news coming out of Comey's big day on Capitol Hill will revolve around Lynch's meeting with former President Bill Clinton last summer while his wife was still under investigation by the FBI for using a private email server during her time as secretary of state.

"I hope they get into Hillary Clinton and the whole thing about Loretta Lynch meeting on the airplane, and all that," he said. "That's the big story here."

"It is?" a skeptical Camerota asked him with a bewildered look on her face.

"It is to me!" Rooney replied. "This guy's been playing games ever since the campaign."

"But the campaign is over," Camerota responded. "And now President Trump is in the White House. And now the question is whether or not President Trump pressed him to back off the Michael Flynn investigation."

"Well, we'll let everybody get all the words out," Rooney replied. "There's been a lot of innuendo and vague statements and second-guessing of statements, like what you said on your show."

Watch the video below.