CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday zinged Ivanka Trump for “not paying enough attention to her dad during the campaign” after the First-Daughter-turned-White-House-senior-adviser said she was ”blindsided” by the “level of viciousness” in Washington D.C.”

Ivanka Trump made that comment Monday during an interview on “Fox and Friends,” telling the hosts, “It is hard, and there’s a level of viciousness that I was not expecting.”

“I was a little blindsided by it, on a personal level,” she added.

“Ivanka Trump said she’s bee surprised by the ‘viciousness’ directed at the Trump family,” Tapper noted on a teaser during Monday’s “The Lead.”

“Maybe she wasn’t paying enough attention to her dad during the campaign?” he suggested

“It is true that there’s a level of viciousness in this town and certainly Ivanka, Jared, her father have been subjected to some of it,” Tapper later said to former Trump operative David Urban. “But a lot of people would say, Donald Trump’s no slouch when it comes to being vicious and getting tough.”

“This is politics, it’s a full-contact sport,” Urban agreed, before adding, the town has been “perhaps a little unfair on the family members.”

“But you don’t hear the president complaining,” Urban said, prompting the panel, including Tapper, to burst out laughing.

“Um, I don’t if—you don’t—we don’t hear the president complaining?” a visibly amused Tapper asked.

“The president suits up—he dishes it out just as well as he takes it,” Urban clarified.

“Okay that part is more agreeable,” Tapper replied. Turning to Jen Psaki, the former former White House Communications Director under Barack Obama, the CNN host asked if Trump’s predecessor experienced some of the same hardships.

“Was it tough for him and his family members—especially Michelle [Obama]—to deal with how vicious this town can be?” Tapper asked.

“Sure, D.C. is a viper pit, and I think every family who comes here experiences it in a new way,” Psaki said. “But Ivanka Trump is not just a daughter, she’s a senior adviser, she took on that role.”

Noting that Ivanka Trump was billed as a “moderating force” in her father’s administration—a role she’s yet to fulfill in any discernible way—Psaki argued Ivanka Trump is experience “a bit of disappointment.”

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