On Thursday, NBC's Katy Tur made quick work of President Donald Trump and his personal legal counsel Marc Kasowitz's argument that fired FBI Director James Comey was leaking when he released his memos to a friend.

Kasowitz released an angry -- and appallingly typed -- statement to the press accusing Comey of leaking confidential information by handing over his memos about conversations with Trump to someone he knew would in turn provide the information to the media.

Kasowitz called the memos "privileged information" which he accused Comey of releasing in a "retaliatory" manner.

But, Tur said, Comey handed over those memos after he was no longer a part of the FBI. The memos were his personal papers, not classified government materials.

"He was a private citizen at this point, so you're not necessarily 'leaking' information like a government employee would be leaking information," Tur said. "He was a private citizen."

Comey testified on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of the ongoing investigation into Pres. Trump's connections to the Russian government and whether he colluded with Russian operatives in meddling in the 2016 election.

Tur said that the Trump camp appears to be living in an "alternate universe" as they try to paint Comey as the "leaker-in-chief" and ignore "much of the substance of the testimony today."

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