Worker at Ivanka clothing factory left bloody after being clubbed with a high-heeled shoe: report
Ivanka Trump (AFP Photo/Odd ANDERSEN)

Despite her father's mantra of "Buy American," First Daughter Ivanka Trump outsources the manufacturing of most of her clothing line to contractors in China.

A new Associated Press report about Ganzhou Huajian International Shoe City Co., the company that manufactures Ivanka's shoes, contains a story about a worker being left bloody after being struck in the head with a high-heeled shoe by an angry manager.

The Associated Press talked with three former workers at the plant who described how a worker was left "bleeding right from the middle of the head" after being repeatedly bludgeoned by the manager -- and they said that beatings within the factory were "not unheard of."

"There was a lot of blood," said one former worker, who quit the job over its long hours and low pay. "He went to the factory’s nurse station, passing by me."

In addition to physical violence, the workers also described a grueling work environment with overtime that stretched well past midnight, frequent verbal abuse, and brutal production quotas.

This particular company has been repeatedly slammed by human rights advocates in China, and two labor activists earlier this year were arrested for trying to document conditions at the plant.

Activist group China Labor Watch has lobbied Ivanka Trump to sever her ties with the controversial factory, but so far has received no reply.