'A cult-leader's call to action': Navarro says anti-CNN Trump tweet will get someone hurt or killed
CNN commentator Ana Navarro denounces Pres. Donald Trump's violent tweet and rhetoric (Screen capture)

CNN commentator Ana Navarro said on Sunday that President Donald Trump's Sunday tweet showing a figure labeled "CNN" getting violently attacked will be seen by some of his followers as "a cult leader's call to action, a call to arms" and that someone will get hurt or killed.

"I want to see how funny it's going to be when somebody ends up getting killed or getting hurt or getting punched or getting injured," Navarro told anchor Fredericka Whitfield. "There's people that may be able to take this as humorous, I certainly don't. Maybe it's because I know the kind much social media feedback and threats that I get and that many other on CNN and of our colleagues get on a daily basis. There may be some people who are capable of taking this as humor, but there are a lot of unstable people out there who do not take it as humor, who take it as a cult leader's call to action, a call to arms."

"This is not going to end well," she warned, pointing out that we're only six months into the Trump presidency.

Every time she asks herself "How low can he go?" about Trump, said Navarro, "He goes lower."

Watch the video, embedded below: