America is ‘no longer the world leader’: CNN’s David Gergen blasts Trump’s loss of standing at G-20
Donald Trump eating McDonald's fast food aboard his private jet (screengrab from the president's Instagram account)

A political commentator who served in the White House administrations of both Republican Party and Democratic Party presidents offered keen observation of G20 meetings in Germany.

"This is the first time I've seen a President come to a G-20 meeting in which he's no longer regarded as the leader, no longer regarded as the world leader," David Gergen said on CNN. "That is troubling."

Gergen served in the administrations of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Gergen has previously been highly critical of Trump's White House.

"I actually think this may be the worst hundred days we’ve ever seen in a president," Gergen suggested in March.

Gergen, who wrote Richard Nixon's resignation letter, in February invoked former Sen. Howard Baker's comment that preceded Nixon's quitting in the face of impeachment.

“What is missing from the story so far is the President of the United States. What did he know and when did he know it,” Gergen said then. “This is very serious stuff. If you’re told that your national security adviser is potentially vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians, that is extremely serious."