Ana Navarro compares Trump rallies to tripping on shrooms -- but CNN's Alisyn Camerota says it's 'very different'
Ana Navarro and Alisyn Camerota (CNN)

Ana Navarro wondered if attending a Trump rally was like taking psychedelic drugs -- but CNN's Alisyn Camerota assured her it's not.

Republican lobbyist Matt Schlapp praised President Donald Trump's speech Tuesday night in Youngstown, Ohio, where he attacked his opponents and compared himself to Abraham Lincoln.

That took Navarro's mind through the looking glass.

"This conversation we're having today about him being the most presidential but for Abraham Lincoln -- guys, I've never done hallucinogenic mushrooms, but when I watch one of these Trump rally speeches, I feel (like), okay -- this is what it must be like to be high on hallucinogenic mushrooms," Navarro said.

CNN's Chris Cuomo broke in, laughing, and said Camerota would disagree.

"It's very different," Camerota said, as her co-host grinned.

Many users report hysterical laughter while under the effects of psychedelic mushrooms, which can seemingly reveal life as some type of cosmic joke -- and Navarro seemed to grasp that fundamental aspect of tripping.

"The stuff that comes out of his mouth, sometimes you've got to just laugh at the absurdity," Navarro said. "Six months into his presidency he's comparing himself to the other 44 presidents, which have included great giants like Thomas Jefferson, like George Washington, like FDR, like Ronald Reagan. It is just mind-blowing."

"I think the entire thing is somewhere between absurd, hilarious and panic-inducing," she added.

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