Apparently, Eric Trump's getting tired of all the people joking about his looks.

The Bachelor's producer Elan Gale found that out the hard way on Sunday night when his tweetstorm of manipulated Twilight posters featuring the eldest of President Donald Trump's sons got him blocked.

"I loved you in Twilight," Gale tweeted at Trump after the latter joined his dad in criticizing CNN.

Galen then decided it was time to make his own fake news by photoshopping photos of Trump onto Twilight posters -- to hilarious effect.

"Today I learned that if you add Eric Trump to enough Twilight promotional photos he will eventually block you," Gale tweeted along side a photo of both the manipulated poster of Trump with the sparkly vampire franchise and a screenshot of Eric Trump's Twitter account, which blocked the producer.

Despite being blocked, Gale proceeded to post three more Twilight posters he'd edited Trump onto.

You can check the entire tweetstorm out below.