Basketball legend Bobby Knight was investigated by FBI and US Army over alleged groping incident
Former Indiana U basketball coach Bobby Knight (screencap)

Notoriously hot-tempered Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight was investigated by the FBI on charges that he groped four women he met through a speaking engagement at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

The Washington Post reported Friday that Knight groped, harassed or inappropriately touched a number of women during his trip to Ft. Belvoir, VA in July of 2015. Four of them pressed charges against the former NCAA coach -- who was fired by the university in 2000 after allegations that he subjected players to years of bullying, choked a player who angered him and threw a chair during a court-side meltdown.

The bullying allegations made Knight, the Post said, a controversial choice of speaker for the NGA -- a Defense Department division that employs an estimated 14,500 civilians, uniformed personnel and contractors -- even before he started "cursing from the podium" on the night of July 10.

"Four women who worked at the spy agency alleged that Knight had groped or touched them inappropriately in brief encounters before and after his speech, according to investigative documents and interviews with more than a dozen NGA officials," wrote the Post's Craig Whitlock.

Knight's freeness with his hands and his language led to investigations by both the U.S. Army and the FBI.

Knight, the women said, touched them on their shoulders and upper bodies while commenting on the shapeliness of their legs. He allegedly hugged them in ways that allowed him to squeeze their breasts and slapped them on the buttocks.

The investigations lasted a year, but are only now being made available to the public.

In July of 2016, Knight had a pugnacious interview with FBI agents at his home in Montana. He strenuously denied any wrongdoing and in the end, no charges were officially filed against the former coach.

In a text message to the Post, Knight's wife Karen wrote, “Bob did nothing wrong and there is NO evidence to prove that he did. Case closed.”

Knight, now 79, himself declined to comment for the story.