Morning Joe hosts accidentally named new female bunny Donald Fluffy Trump and it keeps getting humped
MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (Photo: screen grab)

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski’s bizarre feud with President Donald Trump divulged another tidbit of hilarity.

The "Morning Joe" hosts revealed in a New York Magazine profile that a bunny that Brzezinski got for Scarborough's youngest son for his birthday had a confusing start in the family's home. Scarborough's son sought to name the bunny Fluffy but his older sister suggested naming it after Donald Trump.

“OK,” Scarborough said, “we’ll call it Donald Fluffy Trump.”

Oddly enough, however, the new bunny kept scratching Scarborough so he banished the bunny from the Connecticut home, which already has a cat, dog and four chickens. The bunny was moved to Brzezinski's home with two dogs, two cats, 11 chickens and another rabbit occasionally referred to as Ducky.

Ducky met Donald Fluffy Trump and it was love at first sight.

“The rabbit comes to my house, and my little, tiny black rabbit … starts … mounting,” Brzezinski recalled of the black bunny mounting Trump. “I called Joe. I’m like, ‘Uh-oh,’ because Ducky, at that point, was on top of what we thought was Donald. Off the record, they were having so much sex I had to put them in separate pens.”

“We found out that Donald Trump was actually Melania Trump,” Scarborough confessed.

Donald Fluffy Trump has now become Melania and Brzezinski's smaller black bunny once named Ducky has become Donald Fluffy.

“I still honestly think they go both ways,” Brzezinski said. “At one point, Joe sent me a Snapchat and Donald was on top, and then he sent me another one and Melania was! Every time I turn, there’s someone else on top.”

"That's normal," a couple that owns four bunnies told Raw Story via telephone Sunday. "They're probably trying to establish dominance."

The couple, who frequently volunteer at Colorado rabbit rescues explained that it's difficult to find the gender of a rabbit. "Even some vets get it wrong," he explained.

"Girl bunnies do hump," the couple revealed. "You can have two males humping or two girls humping. They could both be female."

The couple also remarked that in their experience the name Donald Fluffy Trump was an excellent choice as a name because "bunnies have very small hands."

While Donald Fluffy Trump is now the black bunny's name, unlike black cats, black bunnies do not endure similar superstitions and are not considered "bad luck."